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I’m Getting A Facelift

Shot by Precious S2 Photography

Here’s a picture of me zenning because lord knows I’ve been feeling crazy AF these past few weeks.

Also my outfit is cute.

You know when you get an idea stuck in your head and no matter what external factors you have going on in your life like the fact you have a meal booked in 4 hours time to get ready for and a dog to walk in an hour, you still decide decide that it’s paramount to put the world to right in this very moment?

And by world to right I’m referring to changing your blog domain name.

And by your I mean mine.

With no domain changing experience whatsoever other than the YouTube tutorials you spent the past hour watching (so naturally you’ve got this!) you decided to switch domain names cos it looks hella easy.

And then your blog disappears into an oblivion for 18 hours.

So you cry.

Call every local number on a Saturday morning.

Get through to a kind man who talks you through changing your domain name back so that 2 years of your life isn’t lost to the net forever and you can take a moment to realise how actually stupid you were to even think you’d got this.

There’s a reason people who get computers earn the big bucks Emma – their Mac has never made them sob or vomit into their mouth a little bit.

Stick to the writing bebes and leave coding and SEO to someone else. Learn to outsource every once in a while and not feel the need to take on the world LOLs.

So you could say I’ve had a few of these moments recently on my quest to build a business. Yep you heard right, little ol’ Relatable Miss Renton is going from cheeky blog to Health Coaching/Educational/I’ll Take Whoever Will Listen To Me Business. Who’d have thought so many of you would get a kick out of what I had to say, so much so I realised I wasn’t alone on those days when howling hysterically at my boyfriend about “what even IS my life?!” seemed like the only logical solution to my anxiety or that this ongoing quest to create a better way of living so that my mental health is kept in a state of optimal balance is a journey that so many you are also on.

I mean like this is super cute you guys. We’re in this together!

And Head Over Health was born.

Just like that.

It’s been a confusingly overwhelming time to the point where I managed to paralyse myself creatively thanks to a whole heap of procrastination and over thinking the finer details.

Logos. Business cars. Social accounts, oh the social accounts.

Sound familiar?

I went into overdrive and thought it would be a fabulous idea to build another website which would co-exist with the blog meaning 2 Instagram accounts, 2 Facebook accounts, 2 Instagram feeds to stalk accounts,  2 everything accounts – you get the picture?! And then I felt as though I was sinking in quick sand and this business building thing is waaaaaaaay harder than I anticipated and I think I might tuck up in bed with Vampire Diaries please because this adulting thing is yucky.

If I don’t get a little help streamlining there’s every chance I’m going to have 7 Instagram accounts before the year is up and my flat lay game is so not ready for this!!


And so I hired a Life and Business Coach (more on that soon) and that noise in my head quietened down for the first time in weeks and I skipped out of that first session complete with note pad and five action points and I’ve been a happy little monkey ever since.

It was sorta great. Freeing.

And so dear readers, this is what you can come to expect over the next few weeks in the form of a facelift

A change in domain name from to

One sweet sweet Instagram account in the name of @relatablemissrenton because she has been good to me and I love that this has become part of my identity now, the crazy, food obsessed lass that she is *hugs*

A website that offers Health Coaching Services as well as still being very dedicated to delivering blog posts that are raw and current with a focus on all things health and mental wellbeing

A new website design – so much yey!

The use of the word “fuck” because let’s face it, it gets the job done

Why the change? Aside from all the LOLs it’s brought you mean…

Relatable Miss Renton is no longer just the ramblings of an anxious person – she’s gone ahead and evolved into a passion, into a brand, into a business! And she needs a lick of paint and a few tweaks to reflect this.

Relatable Miss Renton is the face behind Head Over Health, she’s the secret sauce to my spaghetti, hell she’s me! And this is a space dedicated to helping you realise your true potential and setting you on your way to become The Superhero of Your Own Life. 

I’m stoked you get to be a part of this journey as the old gal gets her facelift but for now I’ve got several hundred social media accounts to delete after my rampage of over excitement.

See you on the flip side kids.

Photo by Precious S2 Photography

Leggings by Acron Threads


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