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Are All Bloggers Nice?

Blogging has been kind to me.

It was never something I set out to do with the intention of making money and being able to leave my office job so that I could write from bed in my pjs.

Although that is sorta kinda what I'm doing right now. Writing from bed on a Friday morning. In my pjs.

Who even am I?!

Relatable Miss Renton has taken me from a jumbled up randomness of thoughts to a (somewhat) confident young lady with a voice that wants to be heard. A frustration at my own mental health has transformed into a passion to help others with theirs, led to me holding my first ever group workshop earlier this year and quitting the corporate type world after a decade to realise my own dream of being a health coach.

All because of this little blog.

Which doesn't have oodles of traffic or paid advertising or brand sponsorships.

Sure those things would be delightful and it's not like I'd send them packing if they came a knocking. "Oh sorry Adidas, I'm not really emotionally available to endorse your products right now. Maybe next year."

Yeah righto.

However the sheer amount of fun and the wonderfully amazing individuals I've connected with these past 2 years has been SO worth the time it takes to write these little rambles and edit photos and research facts and read and re read for spelling mistakes over and over again only to still miss that one word. Every time.

Connection, for me, is what blogging is all about.

And so it ever so slightly makes me just a bit sad when I hear of or experience for myself other bloggers/influencers shunning those who reach out to them. Or worst yet, who omit radio silence the minute their "status" starts to change even though they were once more than happy to help or collaborate or catch up over coffee because coffee is life and super fun.

Not cool kids. Not cool.

Let me give you an example...

Before heading back to Essex from Perth I reached out to a food blogger in London that I follow, Madeleine Shaw on the off chance that she might reply to my questions about health and wellness in the UK compared to Australia. Madeleine responded almost immediately, took the time to reply back at length and was super helpful. Her quarter of a million followers and well deserved success in the wellness industry hasn't stopped her from connecting with everyone; not just those with a similar status.

On the flip side I messaged another well known UK blogger in relation to mental health with a tenth of the followers  and was met with absolute silence. You know that awkward kind where you message on a couple of different social media platforms and the little face pops up to say the message has been read and your stomach does that sicky roller coaster thing when weeks later there's still no reply.

LOLs someone better get out their violin for me soon.

Now I get it, we're all busy doing life and sometimes messages slip under the radar or we forget or maybe, just maybe, we think we're a little bit above the person looking to say hi or reach out for help or collaborate or meet for a coffee because dam girl you seem like a super awesome person!

All of a sudden blogging has gone from a fun and sassy way to share your message to a "you can't stand with me in the playground" sort of thing.

Whatever the reason behind it, were you not once a newbie yourself? Were you not a person looking to connect with others like you so much so you took the time to create a cool blog name and regularly stand up on chairs to get that boss flat lay?

Sharing is caring people. Adam Levine shared a little something I wrote earlier this year. That was fucking cool! 

I'm not saying you join forces with every single person who enters your line of vision but if they have the balls to reach out and want to connect then yeah, sure, be a babe with manners and take the time to reply.

That's just a nice thing to do.

And if your blog catapults into something HUGE then enjoy the success you've worked hard to create with an air of grace and don't be that person who forgets where they came from, Jenny from the block style.

Blogging is one of the funnest and most real ways I can connect with people from friends to complete strangers and as much as a spike in traffic gets me feeling all dope like, if I'd not had the opportunity to meet likeminded people at events or on coffee dates or workout sessions or via the wonderfully heartfelt messages that a person has taken the time out of their day to write to me then well, I don't think all this writing would be anywhere near as worth it.

Therapeutic maybe.

But then there's always wine for that...


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2 responses to “Are All Bloggers Nice?”

  1. Sita says:

    I agree completely! Blogging is all about connecting!
    I’ve said it myself on several of my blog posts that I am so glad I started my blog. It allowed me to connect with amazing people who would otherwise never have crossed paths with me.

    • emmalouise says:

      And you’re one of my fave people to have ever connected with Sita! And all thanks to blogging 🙂