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Emma-Louise Renton is a Lifestyle Transformation Coach who works with women who are ready to unleash their greatness. Emma believes that health is a package deal that is built on a foundation of self love.

Through her blog, online program, and coaching she inspires women to TUNE in, push fear to the side and to EMBRACE their POWER.

Emma will help you to

Be The Superhero Of Your Own Life!

  • I originally met Emma on a camp for young people who were engaging in programs to become young leaders in their community. Since then I have been lucky enough to witness Emma present a number of workshop to young people. What is immediately evident is Emma’s passion and ability to engage with people around their physical and mental health. Emma has an enthusiasm and energy that is infectious and you cant help but get swept up in.

    Chris Darmody, Psychologist
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop you conducted on self love Emma, thank you! You presented excellent information in a professional and friendly manner which had the whole group of ladies engaged and inspired. The content was diverse and thought provoking and it provided me with new tools with which to approach my anxiety. What you taught me has made a huge positive impact on my approach to so many different aspects of my life. Not only was the workshop full of valuable information and new perspectives, it was also a lot of fun!  Thank you Emma.

    Kylie James
  • I had the pleasure of attending Emma’s workshop on nutrition and GUT health and found Emma to be warm, engaging and knowledgable. Emma clearly has a passion for helping others live a happy and healthy life, as evidenced by her compassionate and enthusiastic approach to helping those at the workshop implement lifestyle and nutrition related changes. Furthermore, I have really enjoyed reading Emma’s blogs as they are not only informative but hilarious with a raw honesty that is refreshing. I’m grateful to have met the effervescent Emma Louise Renton and wish her all the best in her future endeavours (Dr Amanda Jefferson

    Dr Amanda Jefferson